GN O-1 #3137

Between 1911 and 1919 GN received 145 class O-1 Mikados in five orders from Baldwin numbers 3000-3144. The last two orders (3070-3144) had a different appearance, with the sand dome shifted further forward. All the O-1s had 63" drivers, 210# boiler pressure and a tractive effort of 71,100#.  They were the most numerous of any GN class and were one of the backbones of freight operations. The O-1s were the subject of continual rebuilding and tender swapping so that no two looked the same. Most of the group lasted into the fifties.

The O-1 model was Sunset's first import in 1974. It has had work done on it twice,  In 1975 domes were moved and pilot deck shortened per GNRHS article published shortly after this engine was imported. This model now represents one of the last two orders from Baldwin 3070-3144.   See listing of loco #3051 for the original configuration. The loco sports an adequate but not the greatest of paint jobs with medium weathering. This model does not have its originally imported four wheel O-4 tender, but a more typical O-1 style tender.  In 2009 a new Sagami can Motor, torque arm (see picture of cab, above) and new connection tube were installed. She now runs very well and is DCC friendly.   I bought this model new and it has had limited running time.  She's a real freight hog. 

Original box and foam.