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his layout is primarily designed for switching operations

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Charlie, trying to look enthusiastic, as some one is explaining the benefits of HO gage.


June 2010

Charlie has just converted a Max Grey Logging car to something more resembling an SP car


Charlie preparing to operate

Yard Goat Action

Charlie and Chicagoland visitors heading to OSW 2010

Switching and sipping at Independence

FEB 2010

Charlie Likes to light up his engines!

Unsuspecting visitors are immediately put to work

There is progress on the new upper level yard. This is the west end.

This is the east end.

May 2009

Providing an end for backdrop dividers on a peninsular has always posed a problem. Charlie's new structure at Independance/Hillsbourough solves the problem. Cox elevators is on the Hillsbourough side

Looking over the roundhouse from the end, one sees how the backdrop is straddled by the dual structure.

Independence Co-op is on the other side.

This is a full view of the Independence side. Once the masonite is painted sky blue and the ground cover & ballast added, it will look great!

A run over the line

starts at the Independance roundhouse

Ten-wheeler 2345 eases on to the turntable to begin another day's work.


Note the air line and pressure gage at the end of the turntable as the 2345 heads out

The ten-wheeler pauses for a drink before embarking on the day's work.

The 2345 is now operating as a caboose hop as it heads to the Independence yard to pick up its train.














The peddler now picks up its train and will soon depart.

The Ten-wheeler crosses the trestle at the end of the Independence yard.






The Trestle is very well traveled, having made the 400+ mile trip from Houston to the Badlands.


February 2008


Charlie is all smiles near the Ghost Town of Stein NM, as we head west to OSW


New fuel facility for the Independance/Hillsbourough engine terminal. Charlie purchased the kit on route to OSW and substituted heavier support timbers


Charlie has just been advised the OSW is over and it is time to head home!


The Valley and Stilitz is an Oregon short line connecting with the SP.

Our visit begins at SP yard in Hillsborough where the V&S interchanges with the SP.


In this view and the one above, we see the V&S 0-4-0 switching by the SP yard at Hillsborough.



The 0-4-0 tank has moved up the line and is switching the cold storage plant in these next views.



January 2007
The entire town of Benjamin gathers to drive the last spike of the holding yard.


Badlands Visitor in May 2007

Philbert, a sunburnt visitor from the north, visits Charlie to learn the finer points of switching, using MDC couplers with working cut levers. Phil is the Brass hat of the Gila Mountain Railroad.

Is he also signaling the engineer?




The Limited

A twelve-wheeler is about to depart after the Limited's arrival.





The Limited is on track one awaiting departure. On the side is Charlie's wiring and tortoises that will eventually be covered by the fascia. Charlie's approach to wiring for the most part eliminates the need to crawl under the layout to troubleshoot the wiring.





The Limited slams through West Pugwash.




Night has fallen as the Limited continues its journey.

The Limited disappears into the night. Besides the lit markers note the faint green light of the switchstand on the right in the picture.

This concludes our October visit



Visit to Charlie's layout In the Badlands in October 2006


Charlie and Dave enjoying the moment.

Cameos of the operating session

Dave and myself discussing the best way to switch the yard.

Myself sneaking a picture.


May 2006


This is a super detailed turnout on Charlie's pike. Like many of us Charlie uses Right-O-Way's fine castings on his scratch built switches. It's just his turn out much better!!!!


The first operating semaphore on Charlie's pike. This one is at West Pugwash Junction interlocking plant.

If you ever see Charlie, ask about how easy it was to design the circuit for this interlocking plant.

The first operating signal on Charlie's pike. This one is at West Pugwash. Many more of Charlie's fine signals will follow.




The town of Independence Ore on Charlie's Pike. Charlie scratch built both the roundhouse and water tank based on SP designs.



A time freight vanishes in to a tunnel somewhere in Oregon on Charlie's Pike.

This picture does not do justice to Charlie's trestle.


The town of Hillsboro Ore on the left and the fiddle yard to right on Charlie's Pike. In time the fiddle yard will be covered by the town of Albany and serve as the staging yard.



The 3467 slowly swings on the Independence Ore turntable after a hard days work on the line. Charlie scratch built the turntable.


The home made drive mechanism on Charlie's turntable that runs off track power. When approaching the pit, the engineer throws a toggle and power is routed to the TT motor instead of the track. it is fool proof and fun!


The 2924 switching a lumber yard at Hillsboro Ore .


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