Joy is having good friends who are model railroaders


These are O Scale of course!
Click the icons to see
layout pictures. More layouts can be found on the Grand Tour 2010


Lee models GN, SP and DRG&W
Charlie models SP in Oregon
Dave R. models SP in Sou. Calif

Victor, AKA Carl,

has started his layout at last.

Wes M. models Chicago transit - both the EL and trolleys
Phil E models in On30 and has a new home to build it.
Craig B models DRG&W in both standard and narrow gage as well as the RGS
Gary E Models the GN among other railroads.
Duane models the GN and NP and has a large beautiful Layout
Kyle models the GN and is switching from Hi-Rail to Scale
Jerry Mc is currently 'between layouts' but does have so
Dave B. doesn't have a layout yet. But soon will now that he is retired

I also have friends who are not in O Scale

Barry B models D&RGW in

G gage

Denny F models C&NW in HO
Eric V models Turn of the (20th) Century HO Gage





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