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A washout up the line in the pass must have caused this tie up at the throat of Dave's freight yard.

Actually the yard serves as both a staging and freight yard. Could that be a belpaire firebox in the foreground?



A neat feature of Dave's layout is this 'open' tunnel. It is a very clever method of handling a very shallow section of railway at the top of the stairs.








Team track on Dave R's layout. Most of his switching area is currently under reconstruction.

The poor quality of this and several other of these pictures is my fault, I did not know how to turn off the flash on the borrowed cameras.



A fog bank seems to rolling into the passenger terminal on Dave R's Pike.

the icing platform to the left is temporily located here because of reconstruction in the switching area.

note the visiting Pennsy PA's, proudly owned by Jerry Mc.








Jerry Mc's Pennsy 4-8-2 leading a freight into the main freight yard on Dave's pike. That PRR mountain sure looks out of place in So. Calif! 











Partial view of the engine facilities on Dave's pike.











Dave R and Jerry Mc doing an impression of bridge abutments with Jerry's new (to him) Overland bridge on a sunny warm Houston February afternoon





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