The trackplan for the new Cascade Northern

The fictional railway crosses the cacade mountains north of the Great Northern between the Methow and Skagit valleys. The route is similar to today's Highway 20 and is set in the steam era before the highway was built. It draws traffic from the Great Northern which uses it as an overflow line over the Cascades.

March 2012


CVR' wife told him that if he did not stop procrastinating and get to work on his Cascade Northern, she would tear down the unused benchwork and put a pool table in its place.

Being the true buddies that we are, we came to the rescue and bought him a pool cue, complete with an eight-ball mounted on its tip. Below are the pictures of the pool cue being presented and the certificate that he was awarded.



November 2010

Carl with his latest projects- note a layout is not one of them!

Cascade Northern Caboose number 610 waiting for track and a layout to run on!


October 2009 Progress Inspection Trip

An inspection crew sets out early for the Cascade Northern. The trip includes a ride on a Puget Sound ferry.

The Brass hat explains the proposed route.

Any progress is carefully documented
the location of a bridge over the mighty Skagit river is discussed. Will there be enough clearance for water traffic?

A new scratch built vessel is nearing completion in the workbench.



Amazing! Evergreen trees are growing up from the plywood and apparently attacted a bear.


After a taxing inspection of the layout, a delicious lunch is served by Chen, Carl's wife.

The plates are all empty as the happy conversation continues!


February 2008 Progress Pictures

The Cascade Northern has hired a night watchman. Eagles beware.

You want me to tell you when it will be finished?
Gee! Eight spikes per tie is getting tiresome!



December 2007 Progress Pictures

The Senior Advisor erudicates a Cascade Northern gandy-dancer on the finer points of constructing a Right-O-Way turnout.


Cascade Northern #28, a 2-8-0 and the pride of the CNR, takes a spin om the Methow turntable.
Cascade Nrothern gandy-dancers at work . The trackage he is laying is in the town of Methow.
The benchwork to the left will be the town of Skagit, the last station modeled on the Cascade Northern
The plywood construction in the middle of the loop will soon be transformed into Mount Thwaits, a prominent peak in the North Cascades
The roadway to the left leads to the Summit of rainy Pass.



December 2006 Progress Pictures

Progress on the Cascade Northern
The plywood on the loop will soon be filled with the main line and siding trackage of Early Winters.

Entry & exit to Methow yard. Holes in the interior walls allow minimum main line radius to be maintained.


Victor, who prefers to be called Karl, believes in measuring once and cutting twice. He is demonstrating his technique here.



September 2006 Progress Pictures

Progress on the Cascade Northern. The engine facilities at Methow. Locomotive on the turntable is CNRY No. 26, a 2-8-0. The track plan for Methow is slightly different than the one Below. The turntable is in its final location as you see it
In September Victor is seen contemplating how the finished layout will look. Benchwork supports can be seen on the rear wall. Victor hopes to complete benchwork in this area by Christmas.

Note the beginning of the backdrop which has been prepared before any benchwork was built.

Once the benchwork progresses to the back wall the engine terminal will be moved further back per the trackplan below.

Although there is limited trackage in, Victor can't resist the urge to run a train!



Building the train room
After months, it's finally Ready for the layout!


This is all that remains of the first edition of the Cascade Northern. It was constructed in a Seattle basement.

Evolution of a herald




Christmas 1939,

Victor and Dave B preparing for an operating session, when they were both younger men

More to be added