march 2010 Pictures



Extra 1246 East crosses the scratch built high trestle.



Extra 2047 West crosses the steel bridge a bit later with a long drag.







Extra 1246 East passes through town. The 2-8-0, a GN class F-8 was scratch built.

Compare this view of the engine terminal to the 2008 view shown below. Gary has been busy with scenery.
The consolidation is trying to outrun the approaching storm.
A beautiful coaling tower that Gary built dominates the scene.
Fishing must be good near the falls!.
Tourists have stopped either for the view of the mountains or of the passing train.

This beautiful structure is at the entrance to the yard.

Gary's switch stands follow GN prototype. One is in the foreground here.



may 2008 Pictures


Extra 1481East crosses the high trestle.



Gary scratch built this beautiful C-1 0-8-0 switcher.







There is no shortage of motive power at the engine terminal.


The control panel provides a clue as to the track plan.
H-4 pacific #1481 crossing a trestle that Gary scratch built.
S-2 northern #2578 on the point of a crack passnger train.
There is no caboose shortage by the engine terminal.
There is also a diesel house at the engine terminal.


march 2008 Pictures


L-1 on the turntable



This view shows a snowshed.







A P-2 Mountain leads a long consist of tank cars through the snowshed.


Visiting motive power


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