Eric's Ho gage layout is set at the turn of the twentieth Century in the Northwest.



    This pier, surrounded by water, juts out into the middle of the room.

    the shed still under construction.

Scratch built movable bridge. Eric built it from a photo that only showed part of the bridge.



Another view of the bridge.

The bridge operators are exchanging greetings with two fishermen in the row boat, as a freight rumbles by.



Mock up of a future building.


Eric painted the backdrop, that sets the scene so well.


Many of the scratch built structures came from Eric's previous layout


this interesting scratch built structure appears to represent a Northwest industry of the period.


An engineering problem solved!


There was an existing faucet on the wall that was not feasible to move. Thus Eric built a creek below it that leads to the bay.

Too handle the excess water, Eric has installed a plug.

below the plug on the floor, Eric

leaves a pan to capture the excess water!

Problem solved!!!


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