New June 2010

Things are quiet at the depot


Looks like horses are being shipped on the branch line.


The new switching area below the sawmill and log pond.

This shot is taken from across bustling Duato Yard.


Extra 2582 is seen arriving the Acme dynamite company. The consolidation has orders to pick up the SP boxcar. Since it is laden with dynamite, the crew will be especially careful in placing the car in the middle of the train away from the crew. Additional photos of this outstanding model industry are shown below.


To the above list of roads modeled, Canadian Pacific can now be added. After Extra 2582 has passsed a Canadian Pacific Selkirk, 2-10-4 is seen heading in the opposite direction.


Seen on the logging Branch


Port Susan Timber Company Climax number 7 is busy building its train of logs.



The HeislerClimax passes the town of Maple with another load of logs.

Maple is a town located high up on the logging line and exists primarily to serve the needs of the lumberjacks.

Old number seven heads for the interchange. These loads may be headed for the stewart and Hamburg saw mill seen below.


The logging train crosses over the Valley Highway at the town of Maple. The road is a twisty turny affair which eventually leads to the valley below.




The branchline on Lee's Pike. These two locomotives, the Climax and tank engine, are actually heading for the same switchback.




There has been an explosion at the Acme dynamite factory. Wile E. coyote is seen exiting the plant. This outstanding model was built by Eric Vannice especially for Lee. Close ups of the exit hole and Wiley are shown below. These pictures do not do justice to Eric's efforts. Lee's Pike







A local freight passes the stewart and Hamburg saw mill on lee's Pike.




An SP consolidation is about to switch the town of Klipsan. the gray structure is the Al Kyda commode plant where they don't take credit and prefer small bills! Lee's Pike




An SP consolidation is about depart the busy Duato Yard as a recently shopped SP 0-6-0 impatiently awaits the 2-8-0's departure so it can return to switching the yard. Lee's Pike





A DRG&W consolidation on a local freight passes the Pryus Fruit Packers spur on lee's Pike.






An 2-8-2T tank engine with a short train is seen crossing a trestle on the branch line . Lee's Pike






Here, Lee, in a typical pose, is seen fine tuning the pike for an operating session. Lee frequently hosts Sunday afternoon operating sessions.

Photo courtesy of Narrow Gage and Shortline Gazette - (Used without permission)

Part of Lee's operating crew. Those two in the back are about to get brownies for not wearing caps.

Photo courtesy of Narrow Gage and Shortline Gazette - (Used without permission)



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