OSW 2012

Memories from the Santa Clara Meet

Trading Hall Action

Right, a visit to Niles Canyon Museum



CVR' wife told him that if he did not stop procrastinating and get to work on his Cascade Northern, she would tear down the unused benchwork and put a pool table in its place.

Being the true buddies that we are, we came to the rescue and bought him a pool cue, complete with an eight-ball mounted on its tip. Below are the pictures of the pool cue being presented and the certificate that he was awarded.




Layouts in the Trading Hall

A neat bridge on the Yosemite Short Line portable layout.

One of many scenes on the YSL

An open tunnel on On30 layout

Staging for On30 Layout

S gage layout

Layout Visits

Pleasanton Club

The Western Pacific.California Zepher Coming


The Western Pacific California Zepher going.

Pleasanton Club

The O scale half of club has both standard and narrow gage

The club has two layouts O gage and HO

Narrow gage home layout

Featured a beautiful backdrop painted by Dave Biondi

Golden Gate Club

It covers a very large space

Like the Pleasanton Club half the room is devoted to an outstanding HO layout.


The Gang

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