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In the thirties, any hobo or boomer worth his salt had a moniker. Thus, this trashy little website has a name too -The Great Northern Flyer. The site contains news of my O Scale model railroad, a summary of articles I've written for the GNRHS and section displaying other Great Northern items mostly from the 1890 - 1929 period. A summary of each of my GNRHS Articles has finally been posted. Some article summaries contain a few black and white pictures not published in the articles and most summaries have some colorful and related advertising artwork. On the Colorful GN page you will find examples of menus, timetables chinaware, calenders fruit lables, etc,. More will be added to both that page and the layout page as the ol' pike gets built. For the 'internet challenged' just click on the icons to navigate and enjoy.



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Colorful GN

brochures, menus, china

Friends LayoutsPictures of some of my friends layouts


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Eventually I'll be adding more items to the site but for the now the model railway has my attention.

Feel free to look around and thanks for stopping by.


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