In the days before color photography, Great Northern produced colorful artwork to entice travelers from the east to points along its route in the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest . Here are a few representative covers.


Early Glacier National Park Brochures

1912 Many Glacier Hotel


Angler's Guide 1911



Great Northern Issued several series of stamps about the time Glacier Park opened. These are two sets, Animals of Glacier and Indian Portraits.





Above: 1915 GN advertisement introducing the Glacier Park Limited

Left: 1910 Glacier Park Hiking Guide Booklet


Brochures to attract Immigrants 1904-1912



Right: Colored Postcards were also distributed .




See America First

This ad appeared for the 1915 Pan-Pacific Expo in San Francisco. At the top is a Northern Steamship on the Great Lakes, then the Oriental Limited, finally the Great Northern Pacific steamship line from Favel Ore. to San Francisco.

Note the Fery painting of Lake MacDonald also shown below.



From the Car Window

1929 Brochure featuring the new Empire Builder solarium observation


The 1927 edition of From the Car Window has a new electric locomotive being greeted by Indians in a canoe along the Skykomish river. Note the new Z-1 electric is able to run without the aid of catenary.

1926 version emphasized the large windows in the observation.


Two brochure covers from the teens.




The Scenic Northwest was another continuing series aimed eastern vacationers.

1915 Scenic Northwest

1922 Scenic Northwest

1924 Scenic Northwest

1929 Scenic Northwest


Later Glacier National Park Brochures

Glacier National Park was the subject another continuing series aimed eastern vacationers.

Cover from a 20's Glacier Park map

1920's Brochure for Glacier National Park

From a Burlington booklet featuring tours that travel on three railroads.

Brochure cover from the teens .


This 1929 edition of The Call of the Mountains features two of the paintings from the 1929 calender

This 1926 edition of The Call of the Mountains and the 1926 timetable.


Glories of the West Paintings

Fery and Chenoweth are not as well remembered as Winold Reiss

Two of several John Chenoweth paintings commissioned by Great Northern.

Several black and white renditions of these paintings were featured in National Geographic and other magazine ads.

John Fery was commissioned to paint the glories of Glacier National Park.

Swift Current Falls above and Lake McDonald left.



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